about ☁️

Hello! I am a creative residing in Sydney, Australia. I like to make things! Currently my primary expression of choice is digital illustration, however I love using many mediums - both traditional and digital.

At the end of 2020 I started working on the Honey Mustard Club, a shop selling art inspired by fantasy games and stories with an emphasis on roleplay and world building. I enjoyed this process so much, that at the beginning of 2023, I opened a second store focusing on kawaii stationery and fan art right here!

I appreciate how art, in its various and extensive forms, has the ability to provoke a certain atmosphere or emotion. I enjoy all the elements of world building and story telling. I also love how the internet has given us an outlet to share our creations with the world and continue to learn and acquire new skills! I love to challenge myself and am always learning about new tools and information I can use in my creative process. 

For leisure, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and exploring different worlds (through movies, gaming, events, etc.), and thus have an affinity to surrounding myself with beautiful things and travelling!​ I hope my art can evoke some sort of emotion from you - whether it may be whimsy, nostalgia, happiness, mystery or more..

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