Welcome to my new website! 🌷

Welcome to my new website! 🌷

Hello friends!

Welcome to my website! I'm so proud to finally have a new place for all of my creative projects and endeavours. 

I decided to create a new website so that I could combine my blog and portfolio (these websites will be retired soon!) into one instead of having separate platforms for both of them. I also wanted a place where all my projects and links were available to anyone who was curious. 

With this new website comes a re-branding of my image as an artist. You may have noticed new profile pictures and banners on my social media channels within the last few months. This is no coincidence! I feel a new chapter of my life has begun, and I wanted to reflect that change in my online persona as well. 

I know it's looking a little bare at the moment, but I have some plans that will hopefully come about in the near future so I hope you watch this space!

Stay magical,


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