2023 Shop Update for The Honey Mustard Club! 🍯

2023 Shop Update for The Honey Mustard Club! 🍯

Hey friends, I hope you're doing well!

I've spent the last few months preparing a big shop update for The Honey Mustard Club, and I'm happy to announce that it's finally here!

When I started this shop, I really wanted a place to sell some of my art in the form of stickers and prints, like I'd seen other artists do online and at artist alleys. Unfortunately due to my circumstances last year, I was unable to do this without the help of print on demand services such as Red Bubble. While I am grateful that opportunities like this exist for artists, I missed the satisaction of holding my designs with my own two hands. Making my own products, working with manufacturers, coming up with my own branding and packaging takes a lot of time and effort (not to mention the marketing, photography, and other internal aspects of having a storefront), but it is a feeling of contentment that has remained unmatched for me. 

The art I create for The Honey Mustard Club is mostly inspired by fantasy role playing games and fiction, as I hope is evident in each design. I've loved playing video games since I was a child, and since then, have also discovered a broader world of gaming in the form of board games and tabletop. My favourite games and media have always involved fantasy elements, whether it is dragons and elves in a vast, violent land, or hints of magic intertwined with mysterious strangers in a small, rural town.

With my inspirations in mind, I also undertook the task of adding an extra element of world-building, through a little story that I hope to continue expanding and updating whenever I am able to.

As I've mentioned before, The Honey Mustard Club is just one part of my art journey, but one that I hold close to my heart. For this shop update, I decided to do a restock of all my prints and stickers, including two collections I created last year that have never been debuted in the Etsy store! 

I have lots of ideas in mind and can't wait to see what the rest of this year will bring for the store. I hope you'll join me on this journey! And of course, you can check it out here.

Stay magical,

✨ Abracadeborah

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