🌷Store Opening!🌷

🌷Store Opening!🌷

Hey friends!

Notice anything different?? My second store is finally open! 🥳

Over the past few months, I've been setting up my website and working on some cute designs in preparation of my new shop!

As you may know, I already have a store on Etsy called The Honey Mustard Club which focuses on fantasy inspired art and roleplaying. This second store aims to bring you all your favourite fictional characters in the form of cute stickers! 🥰

My goal for this store is to have a variety of designs! Instead of doing big shop updates, I would like to focus on expanding the catalog on a more regular basis so that you can be sure your fave friend is available to purchase as a little sticker at some point. Right now there's just one collection available, but please check back soon for more!

What prompted me to open another store? 

Whenever I visit a pop culture convention, I love visiting the artists alley - the section of the exhibition space designated for artists to sell their products and merch. I feel so inspired seeing colourful art, my favourite characters in different styles, and wonderful artists pursuing their passion! It has become a dream of mine to one day table at an event like this, and I consider this to be one of the first steps in meeting that goal!

I also think this will help me to improve my skills as an artist and give me new ideas and inspiration for my other work. I have always been challenged by drawing human/anthropomorophic characters and finding my own illustration style. As I grow this new project over time and draw the things that I love, I hope that I'll continue to grow as an artist as well 💖

For now my offerings only include glossy stickers, but in the future I would love to make prints, acrylic charms, enamel pins and more! And although the focus for this shop is fanart, I'll be adding original designs in the future too!

Check out the new stuff here!

Are you part of a fandom?? Do you have a favourite franchise?? Comment below what I should draw next!

Stay magical,


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