🌱 a new home 🌱

🌱 a new home 🌱

Hello beautiful friends! I hope you're doing well?

I've been quite radio silent over the past few months as life has been doing its thing, but I wanted to drop in and do a little show and tell of my new art studio space! 👏

I recently moved into a bigger apartment, which has the wonderful benefit of me being able to dedicate a space for my art again! 🥳 The process took me a few weeks, but I've been busy cleaning, organising, building furniture, and decorating this new space in preparation of starting up an art practice again. 

Over the past few years my focus has been on creating digital illustrations using an iPad. This was an intentional choice, as I know that digital art can require less physical space and materials to create than traditional art, and is much more portable. WIth the amount of uncertainty I faced at the start of 2022, I was unsure whether or not I'd be able to have a space for creating and selling my art, however did not want to abandon my dreams entirely. With this in mind, and as I moved around, my physical art supplies were tucked away into boxes to collect dust whilst I learned how to make art in a digital space.

This new art room has presented me with the opportunity to start practicing with different kinds of mediums again, as well as provide the room for my little ventures to grow. 

I am excited to be spending my days in here dreaming, drawing, and doing what I love! 💖

I also recorded the process below, as I missed making videos as well! I hope you will check it out 🥰


Stay magical,

abracadeborah ✨

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