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liminal spaces

For one of my units this trimester, I was assigned to create a short comic. I decided to use this as an opportunity to do a reflection on myself and how I’ve been feeling.


Almost an absence of four months, but it feels more like four-ever. Haha. (Please laugh.)

factory reset

At the end of the last year I enrolled into a Bachelor of Creative Arts with a focus in 3D Animation. Last week was my orientation, and this week was week one of study.


What’s the worst feeling in the world? I’m sure there are many contenders, but I think first place in my book goes to the feeling of being inadequate.Β 

expectations vs. reality

Short, not sweet. This feels unfinished but I can’t seem to get myself to write anymore, maybe because I’m still struggling with it. Perhaps I’ll revisit it one day and complete this. #50thpost Do you ever kinda just look at someone after they’ve done something and think, “What the heck, man?! Are you serious?”? Because I certainly have.