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13.01.18 // characters off-screen

My lovely friend Kezia had a dress up party at the beginning of the year to celebrate her birthday! The theme: movie characters.


30.03.18 // luna park!

Earlier in March this year (is it seriously August, already?) on a lovely Sunday afternoon, my #SQUAD decided to celebrate Naomi’s birthday at Luna Park!


photography // M A G I C

Photography-wise, this is the first thing I’ve properly worked on since completing my course at the beginning of December. I didn’t want to let anything I learned during my time go to waste, but part of me felt pressured to produce high quality content despite the fact that I am still extremely inexperienced. It’s a very daunting feeling because I’m afraid I might disappoint … Read More photography // M A G I C


here now (madness)


A few months ago (is it really August already?!) Marsha and I were lucky enough to be able to attend Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’sΒ 5ive Years Monster Tour concert in Sydney for free πŸ™‚