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I started studying again almost a month ago. Just because I felt like it, mostly. I take the train to school because driving would be too hassling. I pass a multitude of people each time, yet it’s funny that even only after a few weeks there are already people I’ve begun to recognize on my morning commute. That young girl with the brown school … Read More sonder

expectations vs. reality

Short, not sweet. This feels unfinished but I can’t seem to get myself to write anymore, maybe because I’m still struggling with it. Perhaps I’ll revisit it one day and complete this. #50thpost Do you ever kinda just look at someone after they’ve done something and think, “What the heck, man?! Are you serious?”? Because I certainly have.

0-100 real quick

This’ll probably be lengthy lol A little over 1.5 months ago, my life did a complete 360ยฐ. From being at home almost every day getting out of bed at noon to suddenly being thrust into a 9-5 job at least 4 days a week was a real shock for me. After a few weeks of consideration, it’s obvious things are going to be changing … Read More 0-100 real quick



This post was a little rushed because I was just so out of it. I had been putting it off for a few days already and have a new post in mind so I wanted to crank this out ASAP. Hopefully you enjoy the read anyway! “Bad hair day” is an understatement for what’s been happening on my head for the last few weeks … Read More BAD HAIR DAY


Earlier today as I was considering what I should have for lunch, I accidentally broke the portable oven. I opened the cupboard where it was kept and as I closed it, it fell, causingย the glass lid to shatter onto the kitchen floor. After Snapchatting a few people (how much more pathetic can you get these days?) and making some lame puns with my boyfriend, … Read More BROKEN GLASS