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D A N C E – B E G I N N I N G S

So now I’ve written about why I dance, here’s how it happened.. My parents took me to church ever since I was a baby – we regularly attended an Indonesian speaking church since my parentsย had friends and relatives there. When it was my 7th birthday (which fell on a Sunday), a lady from the congregation taught some of the girls how to dance with … Read More D A N C E – B E G I N N I N G S


Earlier today as I was considering what I should have for lunch, I accidentally broke the portable oven. I opened the cupboard where it was kept and as I closed it, it fell, causingย the glass lid to shatter onto the kitchen floor. After Snapchatting a few people (how much more pathetic can you get these days?) and making some lame puns with my boyfriend, … Read More BROKEN GLASS