During the latter half of 2017, I decided to continue the exploration of my interests. Although it wasn’t something I ever took seriously or pictured a career in, I decided to go with photography and signed myself up for a 6-month course.

Ever since I was a teenager, I had always liked taking photos –ย  however, I only captured photos to document events or to be silly. I had never really considered photography as an artistic medium until recent years, where aesthetic suddenly mattered more to me and I was able to distinguish what I did and didn’t like in a photograph.

I found myself greatly enjoying the learning experience and am hoping that one day I can do something useful with what I’ve learned. Right now, I’m still practicing and developing my own ideas, not entirely sure where this road will lead…

Because although I enjoy photography, I am still unable to picture a conventional career stemming from this interest. But I guessย unconventional careers are becoming less and less of an anomaly in our society…

So who knows?ย Watch this space for more projects!

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