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…ever since I was a child I loved recording my thoughts onto paper. Throughout my primary and high school years I would always have some kind of book or journal where I would scribble down emotions and recounts of mylike, totally drama filled day. In the middle of my high school years (and what a hectic time that was), pen and paper turned into mouse and keyboard. There was Bebo, there was Tumblr.. and there was Live Journal..

I am an extremely sentimental person.

I love the idea of manifesting my feelings and opinions and thoughts and memories in a tangible format like a photo or video or piece of writing.

This is where I post about what’s been going on in my life and in my head. Not just the place where I dump photos of myself looking happy, or the place where everything is curated to look like I have an amazing life.

This is where I will vent my frustrations, savour good moments, tidy up my thoughts, and write about whatever the heck takes my fancy.

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