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For the past week I’ve been attending the Hillsong Conference in Sydney. It was such an amazing experience. Originally I wanted to write a reflection about my time there, but during that same week, something the opposite of awesome happened too. I’m not willing to write about it right now, so this post is about the journal I bought during Conference.


I wrote this one  last Sunday but never finished it since I’ve been really busy. I figured I might as well publish this one since I haven’t updated in over a week. Overall, I’m a really awkward person. Awkward around strangers. Awkward around couples. Awkward around friends. Awkward around family. Awkward around everyone, really. Unless you’re a good friend, under the age of 6, or live with me. … Read More AWKWARD.



Personality tests have always intrigued me. Whenever my friends and I do them, I can always see that the results they get match up to their personalities. It never seems that way for me though..



This post was a little rushed because I was just so out of it. I had been putting it off for a few days already and have a new post in mind so I wanted to crank this out ASAP. Hopefully you enjoy the read anyway! “Bad hair day” is an understatement for what’s been happening on my head for the last few weeks … Read More BAD HAIR DAY


Earlier today as I was considering what I should have for lunch, I accidentally broke the portable oven. I opened the cupboard where it was kept and as I closed it, it fell, causing the glass lid to shatter onto the kitchen floor. After Snapchatting a few people (how much more pathetic can you get these days?) and making some lame puns with my boyfriend, … Read More BROKEN GLASS