Reflections & Rants

Making me a (hopefully) better person – these posts are written and posted spontaneously, when I feel inspired or challenged or am going through something I believe is worth sharing. For more specific filters, please see the “category” dropdown on the sidebar of any of my posts!

9:00 – 5:00 // 150🔥

Disclaimer because I feel like I need to put one: I am not perfect. I am not a saint. I am not “righteous” or “holier than thou”. I am not always right. I’ve made many mistakes and I will continue to make many more. I might be a jerk in everyone else’s eyes but this is […]


82 days later

First post of the year but nothing special (actually a pretty sub-par post of rambling). Just some thoughts and feelings from over the past few months. This post is really fragmented but that’s what happens when you don’t really know how you’re feeling or how to put it into words. I love the title though haha, happy […]



Despite the title of this post, I’m sorry to inform you that this piece of writing has absolutely nothing to do with my saucy sexual endeavors (which are non-existent btw) but rather is about me trying to learn more about myself and all of that stuff that you’re probably not interested in anyway if you clicked on […]



Hey, it’s been a while! In fact, exactly a month.. I’m not sure why I haven’t really been posting lately. I think I just haven’t felt like there’s been anything that I want to write about (and I don’t want to spam my blog with just photo posts). So here’s a post just for the […]