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that time of year

Although I don’t always post it, at the end of every year I like to try (it doesn’t always happen!) and write something that encapsulates the past 365 days. 


What’s the worst feeling in the world? I’m sure there are many contenders, but I think first place in my book goes to the feeling of being inadequate.ย 

a new look

Today marks a change.


con โ€ข fi โ€ข dence

A spontaneous post — Since becoming unemployed, my weekdays have been filled with an extra 8 hours. Although I’ve been quite anxious about losing my main source of income, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Here’s one thing that’s been on my mind.



I know lately I’ve been writing a lot about past events and places I’ve been too, but truthfully I’m just trying to catch up with everything I have in my backlog before I start posting about all my new adventures! In all honesty, I have a dozen ideas a day. Unfortunately, what I lack is usually the time or resources to complete them.