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First and foremost, Happy New Year! I have finally returned to this corner of the internet. I hope you like the new layout and theme. πŸ™‚ Despite all of 2020’s uncertainties, one of the larger ‘life lessons’ I learned throughout most of last year was about consistency. In a world that is now rapidly changing and moving (and even more so due to the … Read More consistency

new normal

Anyone currently reading this (unless you are from the distant future in which case I would be very happy to know that this blog still receives some sort of traffic) would know that 2020 was not at all what anyone was expecting.


Almost an absence of four months, but it feels more like four-ever. Haha. (Please laugh.)

E > P

When I first read the name and description of this compulsory unit I was enrolled into, I was less than thrilled.

factory reset

At the end of the last year I enrolled into a Bachelor of Creative Arts with a focus in 3D Animation. Last week was my orientation, and this week was week one of study.