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TEA PARTY // 01.10.15

Usually I wouldn’t publish three posts in a row that are in the same category, but I’ve been so occupied lately that I haven’t had time to write anything new.. Some friends and I attempted to have a fancy tea party. I say “attempted” because we were a little disorganized. Regardless, for a first attempt and very small budget, I think we did an alright … Read More TEA PARTY // 01.10.15



Well it’s been a while! I’ve been feeling kind of overwhelmed recently but I don’t even know why. Probably why I haven’t written anything in some time.. Anyways two Sundays ago on the 6th of September we had a hectic time celebrating Father’s Day and our church’s 5th birthday. It was a really enjoyable day and I had a great time, although preparation was a little stressful. … Read More CHURCH CELEBRATIONS // GOGO TOMAGO



We might actually be having a costume party for our church anniversary this year! I love costume parties. I mean, I never really get to go to them (lol I have no friends), but I love dressing up as different characters and in different themes. I’m not sure what I’ll be going as, but I wanted to do another throwback post from the last … Read More COSTUME PARTY // THE LEGEND OF KORRA