The Art of the Brick: DC Comics // 13.04.16

During the middle of last month, a few friends and I visited the Powerhouse Museum to take a look at the LEGO exhibition that was being held there.

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FREE COMIC BOOK DAY // 04.05.2013

Things are getting a little sad on my blog so I wanted to think about something that I’m looking forward to instead!

In 2013, I attended my first ever Free Comic Book Day event. Free Comic Book Day is held on the first Saturday of every May. Comic book stores (and some regular book stores) usually take part and give out freebies for the whole day. 

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I really like themed stuff. I wish Australia had more themed restaurants and cafes.

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THE ENTRANCE // 03.10.15

It hit 43ยฐC yesterday. Would have been a great day to go to the beach but I felt likeย staying home instead.

Umm, here are a few pictures from when I went to The Entrance last month..

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I feel like posting pictures today..

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