17.11.18 // leura cascades

Visiting an area in the Blue Mountains National Park.

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30.06.18 // kiama

Last year in June I was able to visit the coastal town of Kiama and it’s lighthouse!

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28.01.19 // palm beach

Travelling to Palm Beach late in January? Is it deja-vu?

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Gong xi fa cai!

Despite having some Chinese blood in me, my immediate family and I don’t annually celebrate Chinese New Year. That being said, this lunar year is that of the pig – the one I am born in.

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ACMI’s Alice in Wonderland

187 years (and 1 day) ago, Lewis Caroll, real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (thanks Wikipedia) was born. To commemorate his birthday, I’m posting some photos from an exhibition I went to based on his most well known literary piece, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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