As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, two of my friends and I are attempting to start a small business. It’s called Victorious Vessels and right now the focus is on bottle charm jewelry, but hopefully we can expand in the future. We’ve been planning it since the beginning of the year, slowly making preparations (since each of us had other priorities too) and trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work. It’s been an interesting ride since none of us know anything about how to manage a shop, and as a result there have been a few mistakes here and there. Nothing fatal has happened though and we are not in any crippling debt, thankfully.

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This post was a little rushed because I was just so out of it. I had been putting it off for a few days already and have a new post in mind so I wanted to crank this out ASAP. Hopefully you enjoy the read anyway!

“Bad hair day” is an understatement for what’s been happening on my head for the last few weeks or so.

For those of you who are unaware, my hair is considered to be pretty long. The longest strands go past my bum when I brush it and sometimes when I sit down I end up sitting on it (which causes me to be paranoid about snapping my neck one day).

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D A N C E – B E G I N N I N G S

So now I’ve written about why I dance, here’s how it happened..

My parents took me to church ever since I was a baby – we regularly attended an Indonesian speaking church since my parents had friends and relatives there. When it was my 7th birthday (which fell on a Sunday), a lady from the congregation taught some of the girls how to dance with a tambourine. She taught us a few patterns but we didn’t continue learning as she left not long after (if I recall correctly). I was a little too young to get what was going on at that time anyways..

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Earlier today as I was considering what I should have for lunch, I accidentally broke the portable oven. I opened the cupboard where it was kept and as I closed it, it fell, causing the glass lid to shatter onto the kitchen floor. After Snapchatting a few people (how much more pathetic can you get these days?) and making some lame puns with my boyfriend, I grabbed the dustpan and swept up the mess.

As I was cleaning three things entered my mind: 1. How bad it would be if one of these tiny pieces of glass got into my eye through some sort of freak accident 2. At least I have something to do now.. and 3. I SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THIS ON MY BLOG. 

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P R O P H E T I C – D A N C E .

When I started this blog I wasn’t clear on what topics I would be writing about. One thing I did know though, was that I would be blogging about my dancing..

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