I want to share something a little different today. Over my 20+ years of being alive, I’ve accumulated a vast amount of little treasures. I could never be a minimalist because I love clutter so much! I love seeing corners and shelves filled with magical items like books and pottery. I love seeing walls full of art and photos and plants.

Last year I decided to take up photography a little more and began taking photos of my various ‘treasures’, which have been generously gifted to me or found on the dusty shelves of thrift shops. These items bring joy to my heart and a sense of wonder to my home.

Here is the first one.

Deltora Quest – an easily digestible fantasy series for young readers. Written by Emily Rodda (who also wrote the Rowan of Rin series which I love), this book series is a staple for young Australian children… Well, back in the early 2000’s anyway. I’m not entirely sure if children still read these books – but I highly recommend them.

In saying that, ironically my conservative parents weren’t fond of the idea of fantasy monsters and adventures and actually prohibited me from reading this series when I was a child due to the extremely recognisable (and beautiful) cover art, which depicts some interesting creatures and characters.

It was only when I came across the entire set at a thrift store did I recall how much I wanted to read these as a child, so I immediately bought them all without a second thought!

The reading experience itself is easy and the writing is very simple (as it is for quite a young audience), but the inclusion of interesting puzzles and simple plot twists made it all the more enjoyable for me as an adult, I would gladly re-visit these books again in future!

You can see more of my hobby photography @hearthfire_.

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