As I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to start expanding this blog and share more than just my feelings and photos of places and events I’ve been to. The following pictures are of some pokeball terrariums that I made for birthday gifts last year.

To make these, I looked at a few different tutorials on YouTube and sought some inspiration online. I know of a few vendors who sell similar products (which are more polished than my first time attempts, of course!) however at the time I just couldn’t afford to buy them.

I used a jar lid as the base and a Christmas bauble for the container. The Christmas bauble had to be sawn in half (I couldn’t find large enough ones that were already split) and the bottom half spray painted white. I spray painted the base red for those classic Pokemon colours.

I had some trouble with spray painting as I am very inexperienced with it, but after a few coats and trying my best not to disrupt the drying process, I finally had something workable. Soft foam was used to make the “belt” and button of the ball. It also hid the rough edges from the cut.

Artifical grass was cut into a circle, inserted into the bottom half and used as a base. Who knew miniature trees and foliage were so expensive?! I didn’t have enough time to order anything online, so I had to buy all of my miniature details from a local store. I was surprised at how much the purchase drained my wallet!

Thankfully my dad has dabbled in miniature modelling before, so he had some spare foliage, trees and moss lying around which I utilized to make the balls seem fuller. I also cut up tissue paper into tiny, tiny pieces to create more “flowers”, although since I didn’t use any adhesive on them they were prone to moving around and look more like confetti… Which isn’t so bad, I guess!

I would love to maybe make another one of these in future – miniature things are so cute!!


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