Continuing on with my Japan holiday re-edits, I’ve been working on some photos from the time I visited Osaka Castle!

We got up bright and (not so) early to visit this beautiful and historic building. The castle exterior is very lovely, as are the grounds.

There were food vendors along the path so we could get a bite to eat before we headed inside.

Flowering cabbages!

Wasn’t quite sure whether I liked the blue or white sky…

Entry into the castle wasn’t free but it was very cheap.

The interior of the castle was turned into a history museum. There are quite a few floors which feature different types of exhibits and displays. I found them all to be pretty interesting and worth the small entrance fee. There’s also a guest shop inside. The only downside of the experience was the number of people there, but I guess that’s to be expected at such a popular tourist spot!

The top floor of the castle is a viewing balcony where you can see the city of Osaka!


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