I’ve officially started Trimester 2 of my studies! Before I spiral into madness and frustration with all of my upcoming assignments, I wanted to post some photos from my week-long trip in Melbourne!

During the last few days we were in Victoria, we happily discovered that we were able to rent a car (I’m still on my provisional NSW license, so it wasn’t something we considered prior to our stay)!

After checking out of our hotel rooms, we hopped into our obnoxiously stickered rental vehicle and drove an hour or so away from the CBD. We visited four places that day (however the following photos are from two). It was extremely cold and foggy and wet, but 100% worth it.

The first place we visited was Destiny Point Cafe. As we drove into the rural regions of Victoria, we noticed how increasingly beautiful the landscape was becoming, and decided to pull over in front of this small establishment on Mount Dandenong, next to an outlook. Unfortunately we couldn’t see any of the (what I presume to be beautiful) view, but the thick fog did lend itself to the scene before me and as I felt rightly dressed for the occasion, we took some photos.

The building to the left is the cafe. Look at all those beautiful Autumn colours!!
Right next to this beautiful tapestry of colour, there was a little grass area shrouded in fog. It gave me some atmospheric vibes which I felt complimented my outfit pretty well.
I don’t really know how to pose but here we are

After taking a few pictures, we ventured indoors for some hot beverages (coffee for him and hot cocoa for me). I don’t have any photos of this cafe, but something about it felt extremely surreal and fictional, in a pleasant sort of way. Whether it was the unique decor, fantasy like name, rural setting or Twilight Town-esque music, it felt as though it was lifted from some sort of idyllic scene in a video game.

After warming up our bodies (and hearts), we headed on to our next location, SkyHigh. SkyHigh is a restaurant/function centre that includes a few gardens/recreational areas and a lookout. Best of all, it has fairytale like decorations strewn throughout the area and a hedge maze! Unfortunately the maze was closed (I was super bummed as I’ve never been in one), however we were able to have a wander around the gardens and after the leave of a tourist group, take some nice photos.

Life imitates art, heh. There were heaps of interesting sculptures but this is the only one we snapped!
We came across this quaint little bridge which I immediately fell in love with. It looked so alluring with the fog behind it and I wanted to create some fantasy-world vibes – like a mysterious, mystical foreigner about to enter a different realm. Weirdly specific? Maybe.
And of course I had to do a hair flick!
Before (left) and after (right). I really wanted my red top to contrast against the greenery and grey tones of the background.

Those are all my photos for now! Hoping to share the rest soon ❀

— Deborah

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