I’m finally on my trimester break! Hoping to squeeze in a few entries before my classes start up again!

Earlier in the year, I traveled south from Sydney to visit Bombo, near Kiama.

We left at midnight on the Friday and arrived there after about 2 hours of traveling! The plan was to capture some stars at night, take a nap in the car and then wake up in time for sunrise.

Unfortunately when we arrived, it was cloudy. And raining. Not sure what else to do, we waited a little while in the car to see if the rain would subside. As it came to a sprinkle, we decided to precariously step out of our shelter and take a chance.

Thank God we did, because after a bit more rainfall it completely stopped and we were able to navigate to a promising location and capture some stars.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to nap, but after scouting for a good vantage point, we did end up seeing some pretty colours come sunrise despite the cloudy sky.

Truthfully I’ve been a little reluctant to share these photos. I was extremely experimental in the editing process so I’m not entirely sure if I like the results. The aim was to create something akin to a fantasy landscape, with otherworldy colours and tones. The reality of the scenes were beautiful enough themselves, but for this set I wanted to try and replicate the extremely vivid, artificial colours I’ve been seeing online lately in landscape photos. I don’t feel like I’ve succeeded, but it’s been an interesting process.

After tinkering with the images for so long on and off over the past months, unable to decide what to do with them, I thought the best course of action might just be to post them!

We were blessed with some stars when the rain cleared up.

Also attempted to take a cool looking photo but it didn’t turn out very well. I composited this image together using elements from other photos I took that night but I feel the result looks a little odd.

Some colour experimentation.

A before and after. The ‘after’ photo is my favourite out of all of these.

We also visited Cathedral Rock which was nearby. Not many photos here but it was fun to explore!

Hoping to update this blog with more adventures soon!

— Deborah

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