Hey, hello, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything!

This past month has been absolutely jam packed for me. Celebrating a lot of birthdays (including my own), being in the midst of assessments, as well as being involved in church activities and Easter, I’ve hardly had time to write or post photos (and when I do relax, I’m just going through the MCU in preparation of Avengers: End Game!). I’ve missed shooting and editing pictures and trying to articulate my thoughts on this blog!

Whilst I do have a bunch of photos I want to share, today I thought I’d post something a little bit different.

Since beginning my studies in February, I’ve been required to draw for all of my units and assignments. Like a lot of people, I thoroughly enjoyed drawing when I was younger but it never stayed with me as I grew due to new priorities and interests. I’m glad to say that my love of drawing has been reignited thanks to these classes, and I now draw on a regular basis.

I’m not confident with my drawing ability – I’m aware my “style” is still very childish (that’s what happens when you don’t draw for a long time) and I’m still learning to make digital art… But since I spent a lot of time on these, I thought I might as well post them here as well as on my Instagram account.

I drew all of these illustrations for a presentation I did. The assignment was a follow up on the one I mentioned in E>P – this one more about key insights and revelations made throughout the research process – ‘eureka moments’ is what my lecturer called them.

I also attempted a “Draw This in Your Style” challenge (this is the original image) which was fun but took a lot longer than I thought it would. I don’t yet have a set style so it took me a few attempts to come up with something I thought was decent enough to post. I’m thinking of doing more of these soon because I think they would really help me refine my drawing style.

I’ve also been learning a lot about concept art, 2d animation and 3d modelling. Although I’m still fairly new to all this, I’m quite proud of what I’ve been up to and will probably update my ‘portfolio’ real soon with a few of these things!

I’m incredibly hopeful that I’ll be able to post more photos and adventures on this blog in the near future. I have a two week break coming up which I plan to use to grind through and schedule a bunch of posts and projects that are floating around in my head. I’m definitely much more precious with my time nowadays and really don’t want to waste that opportunity!

For now, if you are even the slightest bit interested in keeping up with me, you can check out my Instagram stories on @__abracadeborah and posts on @alittlecheep.

That’s all for now – hope to see you soon!

— Deborah

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