Although Lunar New Year was last month (and I already created a post for it), I still had some photos that I wanted to share!

I tried to post these earlier, but have been occupied trying to settle into uni life and trying to figure out how to manage my time better.. So in true Deborah style, here are some no longer quite relevant photos!

At the beginning of last month I visited the Lunar Night Markets held at the Rocks with some of my friends. We also looked at a few of the displays put out for each Zodiac — and I basically only took photos with my favourite one, haha. I’m sure you can guess which one it is..

I really enjoy the vibe that night markets give off and tried to emulate that in a few of the below shots. I’m in love with the teal and orange/red and blue contrast because something about it feels really magical to me, especially when paired with lanterns.

Bought a coin cookie from Sweets by Sas! It was delicious. Weird colours, I know, I was experimenting..

Hope you liked the pictures and continue to have an awesome year!

— Deborah

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