Last year in June I was able to visit the coastal town of Kiama and it’s lighthouse!

At a park..
Fish and chips for lunch!
Wind + Hair = ???

Seeing the light change was enchanting – from a cotton candy sky to various shades of blue and purple as it got darker.

Making our way back to where we parked!

On the way home we stopped at Jamberoo lookout!

Not much to write here, I think the photos do a good job. It was a very relaxing day and I’m keen to have another day trip soon!

— Deborah

p.s. Starting with this one, I will be mixing up my posts to include recent and not so recent (pre-2019) adventures that I’ve had. Truthfully, there are many places and photos that I’ve wanted to write about on here but never did – Please bear with me until I get it all out of my system!

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