Travelling to Palm Beach late in January? Is it deja-vu?

During the Australia Day long weekend I had the lovely opportunity to revisit Palm Beach and the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. Truthfully our day was a little messy due to lack of planning, but I still got some pretty shots and enjoyed the fresh air and coastal town vibes!

Our group arrived there quite late but opted to have lunch first since we had hardly eaten that day. We stopped at Palm Beach Fish & Chips – what else do you eat when you visit the seaside?

Our next item on our very non-existent agenda was to ride a ferry somewhere. The staff who sold the tickets told us that we had two options – The Basin (which I visited last time) or a small town called Ettalong. Since none of our party brought any swimming gear, we opted for the town. We had to wait 40 minutes for the next ferry so we took a quick dip in the water before our departure.

Ettalong didn’t seem to be very large – but one particular building complex caught our attention. A place called the Cinema Paradiso – but let me tell you, this was no regular cinema. It was “Meditteranean themed” and stepping into the building felt like travelling to another continent. The friendly cinema staff let us look around despite us not having any movie tickets. The entire place was empty but so, so beautiful. Wandering around, I could imagine a large Gatsby party being hosted there.

It was also connected to a complex of restaurants and markets which all carried the same aesthetic. I wish I could have taken more snaps there but we hardly had any time! I will definitely go back one day…

Another dip in the beach before we headed back to Palm Beach. Then we trekked our way to the Lighthouse as the daylight died down!

The walk to the lighthouse wasn’t as steep as I remembered from last visiting but it was still a solid effort!

Reaching the top, we took a lot of snaps before we called it day and headed back home for dinner!

Until next time!

— Deborah

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