Gong xi fa cai!

Despite having some Chinese blood in me, my immediate family and I don’t annually celebrate Chinese New Year. That being said, this lunar year is that of the pig – the one I am born in.

I love that Sydney is such a multicultural hot pot with a mix of so many people and traditions. Throughout the year the CBD likes to play host to a variety of events which acknowledge the cultural diversity of our nation. As someone who has spent many free nights cruising the streets, I truly appreciate the effort that is made to add some interest for us Sydney-siders who feel like we’ve seen everything the city has to offer.

The following is a photo set I’ve curated which includes pictures I’ve taken in the last year or so at various places and events in the heart of Sydney.

‘1000 cranes’, an installation for Sydney’s annual light festival Vivid, last year.
Cloud Thief, a Taiwanese street food eatery which used to be at World Square.
Standing in front of a wall of pigs. This was part of last year’s Lunar New Year installation in Sydney, which had a display for each Zodiac.
‘Come Fly With Me’, another installation from last year’s Vivid festival.
Sitting in front of an arcade at Market City, opposite China Town. It’s been renamed many times.
Decorations from the Night Noodle Markets food festival last October.
The Night Noodle Markets entrance – an Asian street food festival.

Hope you have a prosperous year!

— Deborah

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