Now that the most important part of our trip has been covered… This is everything else we did at the Gold Coast!

After the day of the proposal, we headed out to Wet’n’Wild, which is a popular water park here in Australia. Hardly any pictures here since we left all of our stuff in lockers for the day! It was really busy..

We also visited Timezone, which is a large chain of arcades here (and overseas if I’m not mistaken?) where we spent some time playing putt-putt.

On Saturday, we visited my favourite theme park in Australia – Movie World! The last time I went was 5 or so years ago, although I didn’t get to spend much time there because we were on a tight schedule. Since my visit then, they had also introduced a few new rides – the Doomsday Destroyer and DC Rivals Hypercoaster. The Hypercoaster was my goal for the day.

I absolutely love rollercoasters so seeing this huge bright pink monstrosity really hyped me up. We did the smaller coasters first – Green Lantern, Arkham Asylum Shock Therapy (with VR!), Superman Escape etc. before going in for the big one. And let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing! The climb felt like forever, but reaching the top was worth it because the drop and remaining ride was so thrilling and enjoyable.

Rest of the day was spent on the more relaxing rides – and one more spin on the Arkham Asylum (without VR). We ate at Tribeca NYC that night.

On our last day, we spent a few hours at our favourite arcade (again) – but not before a little photoshoot in front of our spectacular apartment views. I got to do some solo shopping and bought a few souvenirs which I was happy with! We then ate lunch at Longboards, where two of my friends devoured this huge beast of a burger.

Our last stop for the day was the beach markets where I picked up a few more souvenirs to bring back home. Then we headed off to the airport. It was super stressful but we all managed to get home in one piece eventually!

That’s a wrap for this trip!

— Deborah

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