The entire December month has been a whirlwind of Christmas events and gatherings, from super casual hangouts to semi-fancy Christmas dinners, going to the beach during the Australian summer and relaxing with friends and family in their much cooler homes. Why did I think this time of year would be less busy?!

In a way, it definitely has been. Having the week off work has given me a lot more time to relax – I’ve been able to sneak in a few games and have a lot of extra sleep (during the wrong hours of course.. my sleeping pattern has paid for this), procrastinate a lot of projects and kind of just generally chill out.

I wanted to write a Christmassy post for the 25th, but alas, I really had no clue what to write about! I’ve settled for writing a quick recap of all my Christmas celebrating this year and hope this suffices! Next Christmas I’m definitely thinking of posting a lot more, a lot earlier!

On the 9th of December, our church held their official annual Christmas service. We always hold it early in December because many of our congregation go away for the holidays and we’d like to celebrate with as many people as we can! I was put on the decoration team and am pretty proud of this cute arch we were able to create. I also partook in a few performances. As always – it was a fun day!

On the 21st of December, our Young Adults ministry decided to hold a semi-fancy Christmas Thanksgiving dinner, lovingly named ‘Christgiving’. Again, I helped out with decorations and I think everything turned out beautifully. It was as great night filled with food, games, presents and fellowship. Not only that – but in preparation of the event, I was able to decorate some gingerbread women!

On Christmas day, I travelled to Apex Park with some of the church congregation and we had a relaxing lunch. We also visited the beach and the weather was perfect. It was a super enjoyable day and a very Australian Christmas. I attended a delicious dinner afterwards with my family.

Two nights ago on the 28th, my Christmas celebrations wrapped up. I was able to get together with some friends and have a lovely day of hanging out. We played games, watched TV, and pigged out on way too much food. We also drove around in search of Christmas lights!

Overall, December has flown by way too quickly, much less the entire year. I hope you had an amazing time celebrating Christmas with your family and friends (I definitely ate way too much cheese) – whether you went to a party, spent it out of town, were working, or even just spent Christmas in the solitude of your own home.

— Deborah

p.s. lots of these pics were taken by my cute boyfriend ❀

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