Back in October, three young adventurers set out to explore three reservoirs… Unfortunately, the first one was closed. Dam.

Thankfully, the other two were open!

The first dam, Nepean Dam, had some spectacular views. It was actually really sunny and bright on this day which was nice, if not a little hot! I’m still trying to figure out how I want to create landscape photos so I took a few panoramas and played around with different colours in Lightroom.

There were some ‘no climbing’ signs but..

There was a little shelter at the dam. It was literally a hollow concrete cube, but it did protect us from the brutal sun.

I met a cute insect friend on the way back from the dam. I thought it was pretty cool that I could see the pollen it was collecting. I’m starting to really like bees.. But that may be(e) because I’ve never bee(n) stung by one before!

As we were about to proceed to the next dam, we found this awesome road where we stopped for a while to take some photos.

Cordeaux dam. Also had a beautiful view.

There were some cute flowers in the parking lot which I took a few snaps of.

Headed home after this! Can’t wait to post more photos of the adventures I’ve been having this year!

— deborah!

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