Last month I celebrate my lovely friend Luke’s birthday. He had a Hollywood themed party complete with food, decorations, games and prizes. Here are some photos from the day πŸ™‚

The dessert bar, which was the centerpiece! 

Some of the desserts! “Wonka Bars”, cupcake “burgers” and “starbucks” chocolate mousse. There were also jelly cups, “Krispy Kreme” mini donuts, and more.

The cake, which was pretty awesome. The tiers are made to look like film reels.

A last minute addition. We spent the night before decorating the entire place (I got home at about 3am) and came up with this idea. We decided to add “Hollywood stars” made of cardboard for guests to sign and placed them at the entryway.

As mentioned, there were also a few games to liven up the party. Guests played “Hearing Things”, “Taboo” and more. Prizes were also available.

And of course – a photobooth which we were allowed to go crazy with! Complete with props and a guestbook to sign.

Hope you enjoyed your Hollywood themed day, Luke!

— deborah

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