My lovely friend Kezia had a dress up party at the beginning of the year to celebrate her birthday! The theme: movie characters.

The festivities took place at a public park. It was beautiful and sunny – the perfect day for an outdoor party! Our host worked really hard to bake themed snacks and make costumes for her friends. This party brought out our inner children – we got to dress up as our favourite screen characters, and play at the park while eating sugary treats.

2018 Kezia's Birthday -1
Popcorn Bucket Cupcake!

There were a variety of different characters that made an appearance. It was a really relaxed, casual day.

2018 Kezia's Birthday -7
our Hogwarts student birthday girl!
2018 Kezia's Birthday -22
Hogwarts Express!
2018 Kezia's Birthday -35
Vanellope & a cheeky Minion.

Apart from the food, we were also entertained with play-doh and card games!

2018 Kezia's Birthday -4
2018 Kezia's Birthday -15
Quick group selfie!

Everyone’s costumes were really cute!

Mickey & Minnie. Look at that attention to detail!

Lilo(s) & Stitch!

2018 Kezia's Birthday -19
No Face(s) from Spirited Away!
2018 Kezia's Birthday -37.jpg
Rey performing some hair care on a friend
2018 Kezia's Birthday -13
A South Side Serpent from Riverdale!
2018 Kezia's Birthday -5
Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers!
2018 Kezia's Birthday -27
A Man In Black
2018 Kezia's Birthday -31
A hidden blade belonging to an Assassin
2018 Kezia's Birthday -20
A cute Minion from Despicable Me

I dressed up as Marceline from Adventure Time!

2018 Kezia's Birthday -43
Opening presents!

A day full of friends and fun times!

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