I know lately I’ve been writing a lot about past events and places I’ve been too, but truthfully I’m just trying to catch up with everything I have in my backlog before I start posting about all my new adventures! In all honesty, I have a dozen ideas a day. Unfortunately, what I lack is usually the time or resources to complete them.

It’s been a while since I wrote out my thoughts here. I find that usually through periods of confusion or when I lack motivation, it really helps me to write things down to articulate my thoughts. I’ve sort of started writing in a physical diary again which feels really nice.


My current situation in life is: Hopeful.

Things everyone asks about
At the end of last year, I planned to get into the photography industry since it’s more or less the career I’m aiming for. My plan was to find an entry level job which required the use of a camera, and then work up from there. As life does… my plans were deterred as I became more and more desperate for any sort of job, and I ended up applying for a variety of things that caught my eye – not all photography related.

For the past six months I’ve been working as a secretary. It was actually a very enjoyable job and I was treated very well there, but unfortunately with the company relocating, I was no longer needed. So, yet again, I’m “transitioning”. Not my favourite spot to be in, but the one upside is that I have so much time now.

As mentioned at the start of this post, time was one of the things I lacked when I wanted to execute ideas or create things. The absence of a steady income means I can’t go out as much as I used to, and that I have to be a little more frugal until I find another job  – but it also means that while I may not be able to obtain any new resources, it’s the perfect time for me to catch up on all my incomplete projects. Hopefully I can keep my focus!

And as it has been for a while – I’m still pretty involved in church. There have been so many exciting changes since the end of last year. We’ve settled into our new buildings and started up an English Service, as well as launch so many new ideas. It’s a hectic time but I’m so blessed to be a part of it.

How I spend my free time
I just finished watching Season 2 of Kim’s Convenience on Netflix which I enjoyed. I like that it incorporates Korean culture while taking place in Canada. I think it appeals a lot to me because it’s relatable in the way that the parents of the show emigrated from their home country to live in a Western country – and their daughter, Janet, has to navigate life between both Western and Asian culture. Definitely something I can relate to, since my parents both moved from Indonesia and had me in Australia. It was also perfect because it wasn’t “addicting”, which meant I could watch it in healthy doses instead of  binging the entire thing in one night!

I’ve also been trying to utilize my 300+ Steam library. When I was working, I would favour going out as a form of relaxation. My brother would also always be on the computer when I came home, which meant I hardly ever played anything (we have consoles, I’m not really much of a console person). Lately I’ve been playing Shadow of Mordor and Path of Exile.

Oh, and Pokemon Go.

(Not so) Recent Events

  • This year was the year for concerts! In 2018, I’ve attended Fall Out Boy, Big Boi, Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar. Will be seeing Taylor Swift in November!
  • Had a church retreat back in June which was actually really great. I enjoyed this one a lot more than previous, mostly in part because I didn’t have to do so much this year in preparation for it!
  • I went to Melbourne in July! Only stayed a few days, but it was a nice break anyway. Not sure if I’m going to write about it, but we ate a lot of food and visited a few exhibits. Also stopped by the markets.
  • July was also the month for the annual Hillsong Conference in Sydney. Had an amazing time as usual and am so looking forward to next year. It’s always worth going.
  • My church circle recently got back into Pokemon Go. Some of us made a day of Eevee Community Day and hung out in the city earlier this month. I love that Pokemon Go is something we can all bond over.
  • As mentioned previously, I studied Photography last year. They’re finally holding a graduation event at the end of this month! Looking forward to it but also slightly nervous? I’m not quite sure what to expect.

Other things:
I’ve been spending all my money on: Still food (but now petrol too).
The song that’s been in my head lately: Not About You (Glades) and History (Rich Brian)
The last book I (sort of) read.. or am still reading: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

An update on my “goals” for the year:

  • wish all my friends Happy Birthday on Facebook – mostly belated, but it still counts, ahem
  • complete 1 generation in my PokeDex in Pokemon Go – I will accept 1st Gen minus region exclusives as completing this goal
  • complete 1 set of Pokemon TCG – looking unlikely, haven’t bought any packs in a looooong time
  • go on a Sydney “ghost tour” – still to be organized
  • try a new place to eat each month haven’t been keeping track, but have tried a dozen new places this year
  • finish every project I start (and all the ones I have started in the past) – getting there!
  • read one book every three months – that’s a nope.
  • get 3,000 achievements on steam (currently: 2,080) – 2,130 as of writing. That’s probably not going to happen this year.

Still doesn’t hurt to try, no?

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