I went to a Medieval Fair for the first time back in May! (coincidentally, Winterfest is currently on as I write this..)

For the past few years I had always wanted to attend a medieval or renaissance fair, but was never able to due to lack of transport (all the ones held here are a bit of a trek from where I live, so public transport is a no-go). I finally got to go earlier this year when my friend Jess expressed her interest to our friend group.

Blacktown City Medieval Fayre is held annually at Nurrangingy Reserve in Doonside for a period of two days and features a bunch of activities, stalls and live entertainment such as jousting tournaments, birds of prey and displays of combat.

I was pretty excited after seeing pictures and videos of medieval fairs – and in general I just love the idea of themed events or going to places that make me feel like I’m in another world or age. There’s just something slightly magical about it to me.

I decided that I wanted to dress up (because why not?) despite the fact that I have no clothes resembling anything from that era. I ended up wearing an outfit I put together for a steam punk themed party and just altered it slightly.

I was pretty overwhelmed upon entering because there was so much going on. I don’t think I expected it to be so large. Jess and I were pretty hungry so we opted for food first, exploration later.


We decided to eat a Turkey leg each because it seemed appropriate with the whole Medieval thing. I had also been craving one since I went to Universal Studios Japan early last year, but unfortunately this one paled in comparison and didn’t taste like much. Then we wandered around the markets for a bit.


After buying a bunch of random trinkets (seriously can’t control my impulse spending sometimes), we met up with some friends and moved on to another area which had displays of props and artifacts (see above), and The Company of The StapleΒ (see below) reenacting scenes of daily life during the time period, which was very intriguing.


I also watched some live sword fighting which was really awesome.

And of course, what Medieval faire is complete without jousting?


I had never seen jousting before except dramatized in movies and TV shows (looking at you, Game of Thrones), so it was surprising to see what it was actually like. There were times when nothing much was really happening because the horses wouldn’t cooperate, and it was a lot slower than I imagined it to be. In saying that, I still enjoyed it – one of the competitors even got knocked out!


Also decided to treat myself to some dutch pancakes which I am now craving after seeing this photo 😦

We explored the other side of the festival after watching the joust which had even more activities and stalls and informational displays – honestly, even after spending most of the day at the faire, there was still so much I didn’t see!

More photos from the day:

DSC_0767DSC_0749So I had a pretty good time, and can’t wait to attend St Ive’s Medieval Faire this September!

P.s. despite the title, I didn’t actually see any real dragons, unfortunately. I mean, I saw a prop one if that counts? Also I went to an Imagine Dragons concert right after which made for a perfect day and the title of this post.


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