from the 23rd of january, 2018.

Last Tuesday, a few of my friends and I ventured north to visit Palm Beach and Barrenjoey Lighthouse. It was a beautiful day.

2018 Palm Beach-2

Drove up to Palm Beach, had some lunch, then took a ferry to get to ‘The Basin’, a campground.

2018 Palm Beach-4

We had the opportunity to swim in this lovely lake, which we had all to ourselves

2018 Palm Beach-6

Returned back to the town and had some dinner

2018 Palm Beach-8

Walked along the beach to get to Barrenjoey Lighthouse

2018 Palm Beach-12

2018 Palm Beach-13

Group photo!

2018 Palm Beach-15

2018 Palm Beach-17

Was even more spectacular irl

2018 Palm Beach-18

The lighthouse!

2018 Palm Beach-20

Extremely steep climb, but definitely worth it. One of the most beautiful views ever which this photo does no justice to.

2018 Palm Beach-26

Reached the lighthouse!

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