Super casual catch ups with Deborah (a summary of where I am)

My current situation in life is:ย comfortable (but I get anxious thinking about the future)

Things everyone asks about
At the beginning of this month I completed a Certificate IV in Photography & Photo Imaging and have been enjoying the Summer/Christmas holidays after a very strenuous and stressful period. I’m considering studying something somewhat related next year and doing a diploma in Photography the year after.

After I finished my Photography studies for this year, word got around quickly at my former workplace that I had more free time on my hands. Not long after, I was met with a call and message from my former boss I (honestly) did not want to answer, and opted to finally tell her that I was no longer interested in working there because I wanted to pursue something photography related. I was met with no reply (I did get a Christmas message from her though, which was sweet).

I’ve decided to actually try go for the photography related thing – albeit I’m still trying to figure out what that means. For now I’ve just started cleaning up my social media (how do you like the new changes?) and figuring out the next steps I want to take. I also want to eventually create some sort of portfolio and maybe do something heavily related to social media – this is what now takes up most of my time (because I’m trying to treat it as “an actual job”).

Regardless of that, I’ll probably need to find paying work as my bank account is almost empty. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (I occasionally tutor people, but not on a regular enough basis).

I’m still heavily involved in my church, though our Social Media ministry has been on a hiatus since I started focusing more on our Youth and Dance ministries. I’m hoping to get that back up early next year with the help of a team so we can be more consistent and faster with posting. BIG THINGS are also happening with BOC. We’ve been able to attain a complex of two buildings to hold our services (yay!). Technically we’re renting, but we’ve been given permission to renovate the entire thing and will hopefully buy it eventually. I’m excited but also anxious as our head pastors want us to have two services per week instead of one – one that accommodates to the Indonesian speaking congregation and one that accommodates to the English speaking congregation. Currently our youth ministry team consists of young adults, and it’s highly likely that we will be the ones to run this new service (super daunting) and congregation.

How I spend my free time
So I recently started attending D&D sessions that one of my social circles holds on a fortnightly basis. I gotta say that it has been a really enjoyable experience so far and I’m feeling really invested in the current adventure (our DM is super cool and helpful). However, over the past few sessions, we’ve been attaining more party members (9 altogether) which changes the experience drastically. I don’t really know how to deal with groups that have more than 5 people (still an awkward person waddup) so it’s become more challenging for me to enjoy and the dynamics of the group have somewhat changed. Regardless, I still look forward to going to the sessions and will probably now focus more on bringing the aesthetics of the world to life.

I’m also currently rewatching episodes of How I Met Your mother on Netflix, with the occasional Clone Wars episode here and there. I also picked up The Walking Dead again.

At the moment I’ve been playing a lot of Killing Floor with my zombie-killing partners, trying to max out my perks.

Recent Events
November was a hectic month where I got to attend the first ever Hillsong Worship and Creative Conference and host our church’s Youth Weekend Getaway as part of a team.

The Hillsong WCC was amazing. It was formatted similarly to their annual conferences, however on a smaller scale – two days and three nights. The conference was held at their Hills campus (which is very nice and has free parking) and was absolutely packed. As the title implies, this conference was aimed towards “creatives” and showcased more creative content then the annual conference. It also explored creativity from a biblical and godly point of view.ย  They also hosted an absolutely amazing worship night (open to the public) called the Midnight Massive which ran from 10pm-12am. Would definitely go again next year (if it’s not sold out).

This was also the first conference I had ever attended alone (due to last minute cancellations). Attending the event solo wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, however there were times I did get lonely. Everyone was very friendly though, so I did get the chance to talk to strangers quite a few times.

The Youth Weekend Getaway ran the week after HWCC. It was the first time our Youth Ministry Team had independently organized a retreat without the help of church elders – we learned quite a lot during the process. It was nice to be able to spend time with the youth and face my fear of giving a talk. Overall, I think it went quite well, but we were nowhere near organized enough and a lot of things happened very last minute due to lack of planning/experience.

Unfortunately I didn’t get much sleep at all during these two events. I was also approaching the final weeks of my course which meant that I had a tonne of assignments and projects due which I had procrastinated doing.

So despite having a good time, I definitely would have enjoyed these events more if I wasn’t so sleep deprived and tired!

There were also a few church Christmas events that I was able to partake and volunteer for.


Here’s a few of us after helping out with the Children’s Ministry during a Christmas event. We had a lot of stickers left over.

Something I’m looking forward to (and that is currently happening) is the Summer and Christmas holiday period. I’ve been able to go on a few adventures and spend time with a lot of friends this Summer (as I have my own car now), and am looking forward to the upcoming adventures this Summer will bring.

Other things:
I’ve been spending all my money on: food and train rides
The song that’s been in my head lately: Blow Your Mind (Muah) by Dua Lipa
The last book I (sort of) read: The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

As this post is written at the end of the year, here are a few informalย goals for 2018!:

  • wish all my friends Happy Birthday on Facebook
  • complete 1 generation in my PokeDex in Pokemon Go
  • complete 1 set of Pokemon TCG
  • go on a Sydney “ghost tour”
  • try a new place to eat each month
  • finish every project I start (and all the ones I have started in the past)
  • read one book every three months
  • get 3,000 achievements on steam (currently: 2,080)

That’s it for now!

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