A few months ago (is it really August already?!) Marsha and I were lucky enough to be able to attend Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s 5ive Years Monster Tour concert in Sydney for free 🙂

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The concert was held in the Big Top at Luna Park Sydney. This was actually my first ever concert but I sort of knew what to expect. I love love love amusement parks and carnivals at night, but I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to stay in one so late which is a real shame (someone take me on a date please).

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The story of how we got our tickets is frustrating. Back during Free Comic Book Day, Kinokuniya was holding a competition to win a double pass to this concert. All you had to do to enter was buy something from the store and fill out a form. While we didn’t buy anything, one of our friends did and so both of us were able to fill out the forms provided and enter.

According to the Facebook event page, winners were supposed to be announced at the end of May, so by then we had forgotten all about it. Only a few days before the actual concert was Marsha emailed that we had won the tickets! She responded promptly to confirm our place and we waited (not so) patiently for their reply.

We didn’t get any reply the next day so we started getting anxious, since they had cut it so close to the concert date. Marsha messaged their Facebook page multiple times the following day but all she got back was the dreaded “Seen” receipt and still no reply. We had no idea what to do because I had work on the same day and she had school, so we organized it like we were going anyway. It was only on the day of the concert had they decided to message us back and confirm that we could attend.

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I ALMOST LOST MY TICKET! It was really windy and cold that night and we were standing in line waiting to get in. Luna Park is partially surrounded by water and part of the line was next to the dock. I was holding my ticket in my hand, and somehow it had slipped and blown away. Thankfully, Marsha was standing next to me and her shoe had stopped it from falling into the water. I’m incredibly lucky…

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The set was really pretty. Made up of pink, blue and purple hues, it had a “monster jungle” theme to it (IMO anyway), and although we weren’t at the front, we had a pretty good view of everything.

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Kyary is incredibly cute, and even more so in person. Although I’m not her biggest fan (I only knew some of her songs prior to this), I had a really good time and was a little star struck when she came out. She’s a really great performer, being able to dance and sing at the same time, for such a long time. I also want to commend her back up dancers who were really energetic and enthusiastic.

During the concert she did an outfit change – first coming out with a bright red dress and giant bow on her head (left), and then taking a little intermission (while we were shown a very trippy video) to change into a pretty blue and pink outfit (centre). The picture on the right is what she wore for her encore.

Kyary sang about 20 songs in total and said a few words once in a while. Unfortunately I had absolutely no idea what she was saying because I don’t speak Japanese, but every time she paused the whole audience cheered for her.

I was a little sad when the concert ended, but I was definitely feeling that post-concert hype and am now listening to her music a lot more.

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After the concert had ended we lingered a little to look at the set and merchandise (which I couldn’t afford at the time 😥 ) and take a few photos in the foyer.


Because Kyary’s character is quite eccentric, a lot of her fans are as well. I love that a lot of people dressed up in styles you wouldn’t normally see on the streets (e.g. Lolita, decora) and that there were a few cosplays as well. There were also twin buns everywhere.

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After getting out of the building, we stayed behind at the park to take a bit of a walk around and buy some food. I would’ve loved to have stayed longer if it hadn’t been for the very cold weather and lack of time..

Something I’ve neglected to mention is that we also met some pretty cool people before the concert, and if you’re out there and happen to stumble upon this post, thanks for adding to the experience that night and I hope to bump into you again someday 🙂

Overall, I had an enjoyable time and I’m glad that my concert adventures had a great start to them.

Hopefully I’ll be able to attend many more in the future!

We also decided to vlog a little so if you have some time, feel free to watch it (and s u b s c r i b e in case I ever decide to make more videos in the future lmao).


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