So although in a previous post I mentioned that I didn’t get to go to Vivid this year, I actually ended up going on the second last night with a few friends 🙂 I haven’t posted anything in a while due to a lack of time, however I thought I’d just leave some photos up for now because I don’t want to leave my blog looking abandoned.


We actually visited the city that night for my friend’s graduation dinner. Here’s some gelato from N2. It was really good, I wanted another one..


Decided to see Vivid afterwards since we still had some time. This was the view at Circular Quay station


Ahh yes, the world famous Opera House..



There were lots of installments however we didn’t get to interact with all of them because there were so many people! These poles changed colour when you moved them to different sides


Entering the Royal Botanic Gardens 🙂


Pretty colours

There were so many amazing installments, however this one was one of the most grand. It was a tunnel completely made from flower lights. I think it was called the “Cathedral of Lights” and it was just wow. Stepping out on the other side, there was also this really cool installment projected onto a tree. I wanted to take photos of it but my camera couldn’t catch the colours well enough..


A photo of us inside which I stole from my friend whoops


With the recently graduated 😛




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