I feel like posting… soz for bad grammar/syntax, it’s 2 a.m.

Although I’m dead tired and don’t have anything to write about, I’m feeling inclined to post something (anything, really).

At the beginning of last month, a few friends and I ventured into the city to partake in Free Comic Book Day. We hit our usual three stores to grab some freebies, and…. that was about all we had time for, really. Honestly, this event keeps getting larger and larger every year, and unfortunately it means the lines do as well.

My friend and I got in the line for Kinokuniya (our fave book store) an hour and a half before the store opened (10 a.m.) and the line was already one of the longest I had ever seen, and it was still growing with each passing minute. My friend’s friend was actually near the front of the line, and had apparently been there since 6 a.m.. I don’t even want to imagine how much earlier the first person in line was.


Standing in line for Kinok-zZzZzZ

When we finally got in the store, we picked up our freebies… After waiting in even more long lines. The entire store was crowded and there was just a maze of people everywhere you looked. I felt so bad for regular customers who just wanted to buy some books. Thankfully we were early enough to get the “limited” freebies which included a free graphic novel and a T-shirt.

The next stop was Kings Comics, which was actually a lot more relaxed than Kinokuniya. The line was long, but not as long, and Kings Comics are nice enough to provide activities and things to do while waiting in line. Apart from handing out two free comic books as they usually do, this year they also had an activity table for children (which I used anyway because I’m actually a child in an adult’s body) with colouring, temporary tattoos and face painting, a free photobooth, and special guests – one of which included Dean Rankine.

Our last location was Comic Kingdom, a quieter store that feels more…. “underground”? I like going to this particular store because not many people seem to go here on Free Comic Book Day and it has a very different atmosphere. Despite being a comic shop, they don’t hand out the designated comics from the FCBD list and instead hand out free comics of their own choosing – something I don’t mind at all.

e Snapchat-2857264108996388028_副本

All the pretty things I got for freeee.

My friend and I also low-key dressed up, wearing our matching Supernatural jumpers. Although we don’t cosplay for this event, we still like to show our appreciation for specific fandoms and fan bases 😛


Yes we are facing a wall

When I first attended this event, I was mostly excited for the cosplay. Although I may not watch much anime, I love character designs and costumes. I’ve realised that over the past few years of coming here, I’ve had less and less time to take photos with cosplayers because most of it is spent standing in lines. Regardless, I still enjoy myself every time, despite the rush and lack of time to do other things. I think I want to go again next year, but I don’t want to be too concerned with getting absolutely every free item like I have been for the past two years. Hopefully I’ll learn how to do this!

Okay, goodnight.

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