VIVID // 06.06.15

Every year the NSW Government hosts a massive light show that takes place in various parts of the city called Vivid. Unfortunately, the display ends in a few nights and it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to go and see it.. 😥

Some photos from last year to ease my pain..

I went with a group of friends after they finished school ~ and I had gozleme! Craving it now…
There were so many people.
There’s also a countless number of displays! It really does take up the whole night to look at everything.. Especially when you have to navigate through such large crowds.


fyi I was born in the year of the pig
DSCN2710 [crop]_副本
I didn’t really understand this installment but there were these things you could interact with and it would change the patterns
This was like a little tent with patterns and lights illuminating on the walls. Unfortunately the camera couldn’t catch those patterns because they were moving so it just looks grainy and blurry. But I like this photo because #OOTN haha
There was quite a long line to get into this, but we had to go through it so fast I didn’t get any decent photos 😦 The place was magical
It was actually rained on the night we went, but I still had fun
The light show at Darling Harbour



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