Things are getting a little sad on my blog so I wanted to think about something that I’m looking forward to instead!

In 2013, I attended my first ever Free Comic Book Day event. Free Comic Book Day is held on the first Saturday of every May. Comic book stores (and some regular book stores) usually take part and give out freebies for the whole day. 


The first place we went to was Kinokuniya. There were a lot of cosplayers there and we took a bunch of photos outside with them. Kinokuniya is a Japanese book store in The Galeries. They sell a large range of books, including having an extensive Japanese and Chinese section. It’s generally a great place to hang out and we’ve even taken naps there once in the children’s section (lol).

Can you name them all? Heh

Powergirl & Batgirl πŸ™‚

In Kinokuniya I was lucky enough to win one of the lucky-dip prizes! I still haven’t read it to be honest, but I guess I should, now that the new movie is coming out *O*
Although they gave away comic books, there were also other freebies up for grabs if you went in early enough. Each of us got a One Piece magnet from the Japanese section.

If you do go, I suggest that you check out your local store’s pages and events. They usually give you an idea what will be there on the day as well as any special non-FCBD freebies they might be giving out. There’s also the FCBD website which is useful for picking what you want if you’re indecisive like me.

After Kinokuniya, we went to Comic Kingdom and Kings Comics.

There’s always a massive line for Kinokuniya and Kings Comics, and it gets bigger and bigger every year. I suggest that you bring some food or something to do while waiting because if you go in the morning the wait isn’t short. It dies down later in the day however it may mean you’ll miss out on certain freebies. They also give you a few comics while you’re in the Kings Comics line which is nice.

This is everything that I got for FREE on that day. Honestly I still haven’t read them but I love looking at the art and stuff. I should probably do a post about the comics I got but I generally just go for the pretty costumes and pictures (feel free to hate on me for bandwagoning haha)

More pictures on my Facebook!

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