I really like themed stuff. I wish Australia had more themed restaurants and cafes.

Went to the Hello Kitty Diner in Sydney at the end of last year. It’s located in Chatswood in this food-court like area. Not like a shopping mall food court, but one where there are entire restaurants and cafes under one roof. I was actually pretty surprised to discover such a place existed here in Australia. They have them everywhere in Indonesia but I had never seen one in Sydney prior. I actually think it’s something that should be more common around here – It looks a lot more appealing than a standard food court and the atmosphere is totally different.

Snapchat-2087710672056639382 [coloured]_ε‰―ζœ¬
Didn’t have to wait long to get in (iirc). There was this cute Hello Kitty statue outside of the diner too. Uh yeah, as you can see I sort of tried to match the theme with what I wore that day ._.
Snapchat-1165496257482312716 [cropped]_ε‰―ζœ¬
The interior was nice. Definitely not tacky. Although it was Hello Kitty themed there wasn’t actually any Hello Kitty “merchandise”, if that makes sense. Few logos here and there, and other elements that sort of allude to her (like a giant neon bow hanging on the wall). Didn’t really take any pictures of the decor, sorry.
12242142_1140053652673415_48851746_n [cropped 3]_ε‰―ζœ¬
What we ordered. My friend got chicken with waffles (apparently that’s a really American thing? First time I had ever encountered them here.) and I got waffles with ice cream.I don’t remember the flavour unfortunately. We also ordered a few drinks. The food here, although super cute, is just sort of average in my opinion. FYI this photo took like 20 minutes to take and me looking like an idiot by standing on the seats.
Snapchat-5792548318235264115 [cropped]_ε‰―ζœ¬
Definitely more of a place you go to for the aesthetic. We suck at taking polaroid photos, lol.
Snapchat-4002524094707295532 [cropped]_ε‰―ζœ¬
Not even holding the camera right but oh well.
The only one that actually turned out alright hehe.

Well, that’s all. I just felt like posting something since it’s been a while..

Hope you have a lovely week πŸ™‚

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