Since I haven’t been posting regularly, I feel as though my writing skills are slowly declining – so sorry if some of my sentences don’t seem to flow very well. My syntax is terrible right now. Hopefully I’ll begin writing more again to improve that.

What ever happened to Victorious Vessels?


A design we were experimenting with. Really simple, but so cute.

So last year my good friend and I decided that we wanted to start making and selling jewelry! It was going pretty well, but towards the end of last year we unintentionally took a hiatus because things were getting quite busy at church.

It’s been over 6 months and things are still really quiet.

Personally, I want to get back into it. Unfortunately if I do so, I’ll have to be flying solo for some time because my “business partner” is currently going through her final year of high school and needs to concentrate on her studies. I think I’m okay with doing things on my own for the most part, but that isn’t the only thing holding me back from jumping back on the wagon.

When we left off, there was one major issue that we didn’t know how to overcome (and still don’t know how to solve) – finding a place to sell our stuff.


Hey, this is us.

Originally we planned to sell our jewelry through online means, but this took a turn after we found out how expensive it was to ship things (even within our own country, Australia). For such a small and cheap product, it wasn’t worth having such a huge shipping fee that cost almost as much as the thing itself. I’ve found the only practical way so far to overcome this issue is if we include part of the shipping cost into the original price of the item. However as it is right now, I’d feel uncomfortable doing this as we’re still figuring out how to make our jewelry as best as possible and don’t want our customers to feel ripped off if something goes wrong.

We thought perhaps it would be better to sell things at local markets instead, but that brought up more obstacles. Firstly, getting a stall at a regular marketplace usually requires paying a certain fee, and depending on how popular the market is and where it’s located, this can get pretty pricey for us – especially when we’re not even sure how much we’d be able to sell. The cheapest “marketplace” we could access would probably be at a school or community festival, but unfortunately these are usually one off things and a lot of the time, carry some sort of theme that might not work for us. Secondly, if we successfully bought a space at a market, we’d have to bring our own things to set up a stall. Unfortunately, neither of us have our full licenses yet (or a car for that matter), so we’d have to either inconvenience someone or carry a huge amount of stuff and take public transport (which isn’t always dependable). Finally, most markets run only on weekends, which is the busiest part of our week as we have religious commitments.

Another option we’ve thought of is if we gave our stock to other people to sell for us – Of course, they’d get a fraction of the money as well (kind of like an Avon representative sort of thing?). In the past we have had people volunteer to sell our things for us out of the goodness of their hearts, but I don’t know if it would be beneficial to them to do this on a regular basis as it would take up their free time and they would only get a very small amount of money. This approach would also be very limited over time as they would most likely be selling to the same people over and over again. The variant to this approach is distributing our stuff to stores for them to sell. I feel as though this would be much more difficult to achieve right now as we haven’t broken out of our “social circle” just yet when it comes to sales and it’ll be a lot less forgiving if we make any mistakes (since we don’t personally know anyone that could do this for us, they would all be new relationships).

I feel as though all of these obstacles are able to be overcome in the future through a lot of hard work and time (and who knows, perhaps we’ll use all three approaches to sell our jewelry?). As things are right now though, I think it is possible that there will be opportunities to sell in the future at a low cost (for example, if our church has another community festival or if we could attend school fetes as mentioned above) but these will probably be quite rare for the time being.

The reason I’ve suddenly started to talk about this again is because for quite a while, I’ve felt very strongly in my heart that I want to create some sort of business or brand. For some reason I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and I want to turn those dreams into reality while I still have the chance. Of course it doesn’t have to be jewelry – I’ve considered designing clothes, making art prints, or starting a YouTube channel, but that was what appealed to me most at the time this desire started.

I want to be able to make something beautiful, not only for aesthetic purposes and cash but to really make people feel something positive in their life, no matter how small that feeling may be. I also want to treat this as a ministry and not just a business. I want to be able to subtly implement what I believe into everything I make, but still be able to reach a non-Christian audience. I just have to find something I can stick to.


Follow me @alittlecheep 🙂

For this reason I’ve also made a new Instagram account – so I can document my exploration. I’ve penned it under the same name as this blog, however instead of being explicitly related to any posts here, it’s more like a micro-blog/rant space. Unlike my main Instagram account, this one does not try to follow any sort of schedule (failing at that anyway to be honest) and will just consist of whatever I feel like posting at the time. Hope you’ll check it out and give it a follow!

That’s really all I wanted to say in this post, so thank you for reading this far if you have – it really means a lot to me since most of the time I feel like I’m just talking to myself! I hope you have a lovely day (or night) and an even better week!

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