I feel like posting pictures today..

There’s this place that my friends and I visit sometimes for tea.


The scones are really nice! Okay well, I’ve never really had high-tea anywhere else so I guess I can’t really make a comparison.


They also sell tea cosies. I mean it wouldn’t really make sense if they didn’t, considering the place is called “The Tea Cosy”.


Mixed berry ice tea~


Plain scone. I want one rn.


The second time I went there was for a birthday! Although there were four of us, we ordered High Tea for 2 (cos we’re broke), haha..


Polaroids ~ Aren’t we just gorgeous?? Actually, the entire time we were there, there was this elderly lady with purple hair that kept eyeing us.. You can probably guess why judging from the pics.. Heh.

dscn4899 [coloured]_ε‰―ζœ¬

The third time I went there was just two weeks ago. This time we tried different flavoured scones – we had one plain, one pumpkin, one current and one raspberry and almond. The pumpkin scone was actually a little savoury!

2 Comments on “THE TEA COSY

  1. Brewteaful Partea, Such Tranquilitea! If the scones were served an hour later than it would be tea-thirty! πŸ˜›


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