I was contemplating on whether or not I should make another post so close to my last one, but I decided to go along with it because I suck at scheduling and I don’t want this blog to become a chore.

I haven’t been using this book much lately but I did do a few more scribbles in there. Thought I might as well put them up here?

1. It’s okay to be terrified [Pentatonix’s cover of Valentine by Jessie Ware & Sampha]

dscn4915 [watermark]_副本

I don’t think these are even the right words but w/e

This song’s lyrics were kind of completely irrelevant to the way I was feeling at the time, but what caught me was the introduction of PTX’s cover of this song and the words that Avi was singing (and let’s face it, he’s bae). This song also sounds really soothing and Mitch’s voice is just so angelic.

What annoys me about this picture is that you can’t see the colours very well. The pink and teal are actually a lot brighter than what shows here. I decided to use those colours because I was playing with this watercolour pencil kit thing that I never use, and I thought these two would be a pretty contrast.

2. When oceans rise, my soul will rest in your embrace – for I am Yours and You are mine [Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Hillsong UNITED]

DSCN4909 [watermark]_副本

Did this when I still had the “high” from Hillsong Conference. On the second night they played this song along with a few others, and it was just super emotional at the time. Not to mention there is a really amusing clip on YouTube of this song that my friends and I will never get over.

I don’t like how the left page turned out. I did it months after I did the right hand side, and I was sort of in a rush because I wanted to finally finish this one. They were supposed to be waves but they look more like tentacles to me and I’m just not bothered to fix them..

3. Open heaven, crashing over me – restore me in Your glory [Open Heaven (River Wild) – Hillsong Worship]DSCN4911 [watermark]_副本This song went off at conference (especially the chorus and bridge). They played it so many times and it always brought the Presence down. I think it was one of the songs that we were most anticipating when the new OPEN HEAVEN / RIVER WILD album came out because it’s just so beautiful and anointed. It still gives me shivers when I hear it.

Anyway I actually designed this in my notebook during a sermon (which isn’t so great I have to admit, but it’s where I end up scribbling a lot of things..) so I decided to recreate it in here. I’m not completely satisfied with the way it came out but I still think it looks pretty. I need to work more on letter spacing.

4. Form the avocado / Peel the avocado / Guacamole [Dr. Jean’s Banana Dance – The Guacamole Song]

dscn4914 [watermark]_副本

Okay yeah, this is totally different to all the other pieces I drew because this is totally nonsensical and not so serious, BUT I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS. If you haven’t heard it already, please click the song link above. You will not regret it. Y’know what? I’ll even put it here for your benefit:

Last Sunday this pretty much became our jam for the entire day and we were just dancing to this the entire time.

I love the internet sometimes.

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