I’ve been so busy lately that I feel as though I’ve been neglecting this blog! (Not that I mean to, I just haven’t had the time). Therefore, here are some pics from a few weeks ago, when my friend and I went to the Smooth Chocolate Festival at the Rocks & tried taking some nice photos (we sucked at it).


The first thing we got – Strawberry Watermelon slice from Black Star Pastry. $9. I don’t even like watermelon but this was so nice…


We also got Karen’s Kebabs $8 and a Snickers hamburger macaron $9 from the Adriano Zumbo stand. Although we only bought three things, it was almost hard finishing these treats since they were so rich.


With her chocolate kebab – salted caramel and marshmallows covered in dark chocolate & nuts.


With my Snickers macaron which I am currently craving even though it was so difficult finishing it on the day..


We decided to dress up – I’m not even sure what we were going for but I guess it was definitely monochrome?

DSCN3636 [colour]_ε‰―ζœ¬

Cat shoes. Cute but unfortunately cause some issues throughout the day.

dscn3633 [colour]_ε‰―ζœ¬

After the festival we needed to get to youth group. On the way we erm, tried, to take pretty pictures. But we just kinda looked super awkward haha.

DSCN3652 [colour]_ε‰―ζœ¬
DSCN3664 [colour]_ε‰―ζœ¬

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