An impromptu post about some thoughts I’ve been having! Sorry for the rushed end..

Last night I watched a great movie called Whiplash. For those who are unfamiliar with it, the plot revolves around a 19 year old drummer who aspires to make it big in music, despite obstacles that stand in his way.

I enjoyed the movie a lot. The plot, the soundtrack, the characters (although I probably wouldn’t like them very much if I met them in real life) – all of it. What I really love about this movie though is that it left me thinking, even 24 hours after I watched it.. Hence why I’m writing this.

Throughout the film we see the main character striving towards one goal. He wants to be one of the greats. We see him constantly struggling – being emotionally and physically abused by his teacher, practicing until his hands blister and bleed, dealing with his disapproving family, sacrificing relationships – heck, even neglecting medical attention after getting into a car crash. But, why?

One word: Passion.

While I was watching Whiplash, there were multiple times I would think, Daaaamn, I wish I could do that. And no, I’m not talking about playing the drums (which I admit would be pretty cool). See, during my last few years of high school until now, I’ve never been sure of what I want..

and I hate it.

I hate it with a passion. (See what I did there?)

I’d say every kid’s the same in this sense, and obviously I can’t speak for all children, but when I was a child I always thought that adults had their crap together. To me it feels as if society has made these guidelines, like, well you have all of high school to “find yourself” and think about what you want to study and do for the rest of your life and after you graduate you’ll be thrown into the real world so good luck figuring it all out, see ya. And don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of people do find their aspirations and dreams or their “calling” in high school (and if not, they at least know which direction they’re heading), but for the rest of us… Well, it feels as though there’s not really anything.

So what do I wish I could do?

I wish I could have the passion that Andrew Neimann had for his drumming.

Not specifically for music, but for anything, really. I think having passion for even something obscure like crossbreeding turtles or drawing caricatures of fictional characters beats having none at all. I think it’s such a gift to have passion – because it’s not something that everyone has. Someone might start to have it one day, but for any number of reasons like distractions, laziness, disapproval, or responsibilities, it becomes short-lived and gets buried. Maybe you have passion but you never do anything about it and all that potential is wasted.

Passion is such a strong word, with an even stronger meaning. As a Christian, I hear it all the time. We pray that God will give it to us, we sing about it in songs, it’s alluded in the bible, we hear sermons about having a passion for Christ and ministering. And Jesus definitely had passion for His people when He suffered and died for us – why else would it be called The Passion of Christ? We throw the word around like it’s nothing, but take a moment to think about what it means.

I think it’s amazing to have so much love for something. I really hope some day soon I’ll find something I’m passionate about, because right now I feel as though there’s nothing I want to pursue – and that is a horrible, horrible feeling.

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