We might actually be having a costume party for our church anniversary this year! I love costume parties. I mean, I never really get to go to them (lol I have no friends), but I love dressing up as different characters and in different themes. I’m not sure what I’ll be going as, but I wanted to do another throwback post from the last time I went to a costume party because clearly I’m running out of ideas..

Tinkerbell, Korra & Aang awkwardly posing for a photo

Tinkerbell, Korra & Aang awkwardly posing for a photo

Last year for her 16th birthday, my friend held a costume party with the theme of animation. It was a bit stressful deciding what I wanted to dress up as because originally I wanted to go with my boyfriend as Marceline and Marshall Lee, but due to complications we weren’t sure if he was actually going to the party or not (he didn’t) – so I needed another costume. By then, there was only about a week left.

If you’ve clicked on this post you already know that I went as a character from Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Which character? Korra, duh! I love both Avatar series and although I prefer the first one, Korra’s costume seemed easier to put together than anyone else’s (except Katara, but I didn’t want to dress up as her). This was also before Book 3 came out, and at the time I didn’t actually like Korra very much. She was just way too moody for my liking and the whole love triangle thing between her, Mako and Asami did nothing but annoy me. Still, I couldn’t deny that she could be pretty badass and regardless of her flaws, she was the perfect choice.

Full outfit photo! There's a Sailor Scout to the left and a Marceline to the right.

Full outfit photo! There’s a Sailor Scout to the left and a Marceline to the right.

Putting it all together turned out to be a lot easier and cheaper than I expected. I bought all the materials at once and it only took me a few days to make everything. For her arm accessories I used velcro, and followed this video for her hair tubes. Altogether it cost $51.20. The only difficulty I had was getting the shape of the collar right, and somehow making it stand up. In the end it didn’t work out so I just put some hooks on it to hold it together and hoped that no one would notice or care.

Before (left) and after (right). I'm pretty proud of myself!

Before (left) and after (right). I’m pretty proud of myself!

I came early on the day with a few other friends to help with the preparations. We spent most of the time icing (and eating) sugar cookies and putting up decorations before the guests started appearing. Before the party started, we spent a while helping each other get into costume.

Cookies! aka. how many fandoms can you spot?

Cookies! aka. how many fandoms can you spot?

Throughout the night we danced, ate and mingled with other people. It was pretty awesome seeing my friends dressed up as fictional characters and I can’t wait for the next party. What was also great about dressing as Korra was that my friend came as Avatar Aang!

Every time this photo gets put on Facebook someone - without fail - mistakes me for Katara.

Every time this photo gets put on Facebook, someone (without fail) mistakes me for Katara.

Selfie collage!


From the top, left to right. A student from Hogwarts, the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, an assassin, Mr. Fredricksen, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Alice, Tinkerbell, Belle, Aang, Lilo, Finn, Marceline and Esmeralda.

Overall – fun night!

In the future I hope I’ll get to wear Korra again. I’ve always wanted to do a group Avatar cosplay so it would be awesome if I could find some friends who’d join me. Of course there are a few things I’d improve before donning her a second time:

  • Shirt/collar (obviously)
  • Ideally I would like to buy a wig because my hair is too long and dark for Korra’s (+ her ponytail gave me a really bad headache halfway through the party and I had to take it out)
  • The brown overlay thing she has with the fur trim – I have no idea where to get faux fur, I ended up using fluffy feathers from Daiso
  • The white parts of the shirt I made for her are made of a different fabric than the blue (it was the only thing I could find at home)
  • I’d like to somehow emulate bending like these fantastic people
  • Getting her jacket would be great for colder days
  • General sewing/seams

Well that’s about it – nothing profound today. Lately I haven’t really felt like blogging so much but I’m still trying to keep it going because I know I’ll regret it later if I don’t!



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